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so shagged but it’s so nice
February 3, 2011, 9:16 pm
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And yes, 2 presentations down, 2 more to go.
Research & Statistics results are out and I got a B.
We have come to Week 16 of schooling, which means,
another 4 more months to go!
Done with Bio Exam on Monday, we shopped,

… and hopped after school!
Tuesday, we ventured for sheesha and makan-makan sessions:


KTVing and pubbing session on Wednesday:

And celebrating CNY over at Nyai’s on Thursday, wrapped up our wonderful week:

Have a merry and bunny Chinese New Year =)

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i am a bee
January 21, 2011, 1:00 pm
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Busy busy busy week and the coming week.
2 presentations down, 4 more to go.
 1 clinical assessment down, 1 more to go. 
3 tests down, 1 more to go.
 7 field visits down, 4 more to go.
More, more, more.

And a happy 24th birthday to my dearest big, old sister.
May you think BIG of the BIG day ahead!

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lots and loves.
January 10, 2011, 8:00 pm
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So I practically dozed three-quarter of the time during the last Friday’s field visit
(nopes, not mentioning where and when).
Sunggoh tidak memanfaatkan la.

Anyways, someone gave this to me on a Saturday night:

Cool right.
Can go vroom-vroom. Wuhoo! 

And Alhamdulillah, I can sleep well tonight.
Cause I passed my clinical practical skills.
More good news coming up soon I hope.
Insyaallah =)

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anything to everything
January 9, 2011, 10:44 pm
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 Spent the whole of Monday until late at night at school’s McD
touching up with 8013 Counselling Role Play.
Scripts after scripts written, and by Wednesday, our lecturer complemented us,
saying that if we ever quit nursing as our job, we should try
pursuing for a job as actresses.
Cikgu, jangan macam paham eh! 😛

Thursday, finally submitted the written assignment to the lecturer
 after many different conflict arises.
Sorry if you hate my style of working, but it’s just that you’re too slow
and you’re impeding the group progress.
 Like I said, I operate best on my own or in twos,
so if you aren’t happy with how the assignment is done,
 I’m honoured to strike off your name from the declaration form and
you’re officially not contributing anything to everything.
Exactly, anything to everything.

By Friday, we rock through another S-session with the loves.
Destressing, oh yes, before reality knock me on my head on the following Monday. Urgh~

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school’s bell ringing
January 5, 2011, 11:00 pm
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My belated MFM photos:

It’s been Day 5 but I guess it’s not too late to wish “Happy New Year.”
Damn, people keep asking me what my resolution is.
Like I have one like that…haha.
I make it a point not to disclose it to others, even if my mind is desperate for one.
In contrast, what’s the purpose of having one when I can’t even achieve it for the past few years:

1) Gain weight (extra 1kg doesn’t counts),
2) Grow taller (fck with my scoliosis),
3) Found a stack of $$ on the ground when I’m walking
(I have a fantasy $$ drop from the skies),
4) Have a much longer hair (I dreamt of French bun),
5) Be friends with my enemies (so contradicting),
6) Forgive and forget what others have done to me
(revenge is my bestfriend, so long),
7) Stays at home on my rest day (only if my Mom decides to cook),
8 ) Stop being an ass to my sister
(sorry kak, but you’re a hole to me sometimes),
9) Get my ass moving for reunion invitation
(only if you provide me with red carpet hehe),
10) Stop being demander (I love to believe people are better than they think they are).

That’s it.

Anyways, school has re-started again. And it sucks.
With 3 more months left for us in school plus additional 2 more months for OTJ,
it means we’ll back to working life. Hurhur.

And the 2 test results are out: Got an A for Pathophysiology and
a B for Law and Ethics.
I wish they can disclose the numerical mark rather than alphabetical grade.
Law and Ethics was a killer; we are nurses, not training to be a lawyer,
 so why bother designing such papers with typically bombastic, explosive English?
And assignments are piling up, tests are catching up, and exams are waving at us.
Well I’m cool with it. But projects…well, I operate best on my own and in pairs.
Why have subgroups if one or two of the members can’t even function?
Maybe there’s blessing beneath those disguise? =.=

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girls just wanna have some fun
December 31, 2010, 3:54 pm
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Our 3D2N sleepover cum Pajama party was a blast.
Since it’s only about us all-girls,
except that the help from the boys were truly appreciated during bbq.

Day 1 we eat and drink and eat and drink and eat and drink again, like PIG.
Well all of them, except me.
Because I’m like the above except, I’m like a cow hehee
And a late night’s movie at Downtown for Gulliver’s Travel calls it a day.


Day 2 we drove all the way to Sentosa and crashed those wonderful rides.
And by night we Sheesha-ed like it’s a hyperbaric treatment, up till the next dawn,
before we call it a quit and wrapped it all up for home several hours later.
What a wonderful ending to year 2010 🙂

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never say bye
December 30, 2010, 11:52 pm
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This is what I have fulfilled in 2010:

Jan: Krabi trip with Love and great couple Salwa & Ihsan

Feb: fit in dental brace to perfect those smiles 🙂
Also, the Batam trip the very next day.

March and April: series of weekly dental appointment
because my teeth is as stubborn as me haiz.

May: We moved to a new setting and Ward 68 is officially born.

June: Our 2nd year anniversary together!
July: Khairi hits 24th!
 Aug: My first Kate Spade thanks to bonus 🙂

Sept: Virginal Melbourne trip with my best good friend, Dily.

Oct: Back to school for Advanced DIN (Med-Surg). Yessah!!
Nov: My first netbook. And I don’t talk Mac Book 😛

 Dec: Best 21st celeb with the Loves.
And I bought a golden pink DKNY watch, with my hard-earned bonus.

I’m not a “My resolution for 2011 is….” kinda person,
 because I believed 365 days is not enough to fulfil whatever I wanna achieve.
 But having goals and wishes there are just right to guide us along,
just like an effective preceptor. Correct 8012? 🙂
Yes, and therefore, this is what I hope I can achieve sooner and no other than later:

1) Remove my dental brace ASAP. Seriously I hate things to go in my way.
Like I still can’t chew effectively and like I don’t fuss about it because (as quote by Mom)
“ni la jalan yang aku pilih” =.=
2) Complete my leagues of travel with only my very best people.
So if you’re not invited, do not pandai2 invite yourself.
3) Complete my course by June which means I must work harder than I used to.
If that’s the case, Curtin sounds tempting. Hrm..

That’s the top 3 main things.
Whatever happens in the years to come, it’s purely miscellaneous and mutual.
May Allah bless us with His almighty love for years ahead and make us a better person.

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